Blackout Curtains vs. Regular Curtains | Which One Is Right for You?

A huge assortment of window curtains is available in the market with an array of fabric options, designs, and patterns. When it comes to selecting the practical one for your interior needs, blackout curtains stand out among all. Blackout curtains are one of the greatest options to consider to dress up the windows of your rooms. These heavyweight and thick curtains are in trend because of their distinctive qualities and benefits.

If you are in the market for the purchase of curtains, then you must be wondering which type of curtains is right for you. Let’s discuss the versatile features of blackout curtains and compare them with regular curtains so that you can pick the right ones.

Blackout Vs Regular Curtains | Choosing The Best

1. Light Blockage


Light-blocking feature of these curtains is what makes them different from other drapes. Blackout curtains are created with the triple weave approach that makes them effective enough to add a room-darkening effect.

Any artificial outside light, or sunlight cannot enter the room with these drapes. When you close these curtains, the room gets dark which is best for people with irregular sleep schedules and for those who are night shift workers. Whereas other drapes cannot block the light completely until you attach a lining at their back.

2. Improved Privacy


The privacy of a room can be enhanced with the installation of these room-darkening curtains. With these thick and opaque curtains, you can get total darkness in your rooms even during the day. Any room in your home and office that needs total privacy must have blackout curtains.

These curtains help to protect the privacy of the user from the neighbors and peeking eyes. As you cannot see through these curtains what’s happening inside or outside, they are better than other window covering treatments.

3. Sound Reduction


Blackout curtains are made from heavy and thick fabrics, so they reduce the sound level to a great extent. These curtains are made from thick materials that absorb the noise coming from outside. Although they don’t block sound completely but offer acceptable sound insulation depending on the thickness and density of the fabric.

Whereas regular curtains have a dense weave but not to the extent that they can reduce the noise. Blackout curtains again stand as the best window decor choice for both residential and commercial settings.

4. Perfect Sleep Environment


These light-blocking drapes are designed to create a comfortable sleeping environment in your home. Because of the darkness in the room, the human body releases a naturally occurring hormone named melatonin that awakens the sleeping cycle.

These room-darkening curtains prevent light from disrupting the creation of melatonin. As a result, a person falls asleep faster and sleeps peacefully with no distractions. Regular curtains, on the other hand don’t hold this specialty of providing a good sleep quality.

5. Energy Efficient

These thermally insulating curtains are best for optimizing the level of heat in your space. In summer, they tend to keep the heat out of the room, and in winter they don’t let the interior warmth escape. You can save your energy expenses after the installation of these curtains as they reduce the need for an air conditioner.

Your electricity bills can be reduced to a notable extent because of the insulated fabric, ensuring energy efficiency. When you compare this feature with other window curtains, only velvet can provide this functionality.

6. Wear And Tear And Fade Resistant


These curtains are made from strong and resilient fabric materials which is why they can stand the daily wear and tear. These curtains start to lose their effectiveness only when you don’t maintain them properly or they are exposed to the harsh external environment.

On direct exposure to light, these curtains don’t get damaged or show color fading. While regular curtains like sheer and cotton might show color fading when exposed to direct sunlight.

7. Durability


The durability of these curtains is unmatched as sturdy and resilient fabrics are used to make them. These curtains can last for more than 12 years in an interior setting. The serviceability of these curtains can be enhanced with the right care and proper maintenance.

While lightweight curtains with normal weave start to fade or lose their shape, shine, and appearance after a certain period no matter how much you care for them.

To Conclude

Blackout curtains are specialized drapes that are designed innovatively to give you a comforting environment for sleep. When comparing these heavyweight and thick drapes to other types of curtains, they prove to be more energy-efficient, well insulating, and privacy protecting.

Unlike other drapes, they block light completely, creating a serene environment, and are very durable. Because of the thick lining, these curtains can also reduce the noise to a great extent. To fulfill the functional requirements of any desired place, blackouts are the most practical and efficient window covering choice.

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